About Maggie Ranjani


Maggie Mines

 “When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be”  –  Lao Tzu

“Ranjani”  – Sanskrit meaning:  “One who gives joy to others”.  

Simply put, I teach Yoga because I enjoy it so much!  I teach to encourage students to go deeper into their practice, to increase their strength and flexibility, to learn to breathe, to help them de-stress and to become healthier people.  I enjoy teaching to someone who has never practiced before and watching them slowly come alive on the mat. I believe Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, health, flexibility, strength, body style, current health or faith.  This all translates into daily lives resulting in a healthier lifestyle.  Practicing Yoga can and will change your life!  

 I am a hands-on instructor with a playful sense of humor guiding students through the asanas as I keep a watchful eye ensuring proper alignment in each pose.  I encourage students to come to their edge, to use the breath to go deeper.  Classes are lighthearted and fun with large doses of inspiration as students weave their way through creative sequences.        

 Certifications:  Integral Hatha Yoga; YogaFit Level I; Yoga Anatomy; Yoga for Osteoporosis; Yoga for Pain Care; Tai Chi Chair Yoga; Slow Yoga/Gentle is the New Advanced  

Member of Yoga Alliance