Yoga for the Plus-Size Woman

A woman who is over-weight most likely will not visit a gym or attend a Yoga class in a Yoga studio for many different reasons.  This new class has been specially designed for the plus-size woman in an all-woman class where she can feel safe and accepted.  The entire class is specifically designed with an understanding of  physical limitations and the Yoga sequences are designed to fit the beginner student.  The focus is on  YOU.

In this class you will learn various standing poses to begin with which build strength and stronger bones.  You will learn to balance and become more flexible while improving your posture.  You will learn breath work which will help increase your lung capacity, lower stress levels and calm your mind.  Learn breath techniques that can help you sleep better at night.

Other advantages of these classes are lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, lowering your blood pressure and reducing pain.

Most of all,  have fun!  You are allowed to laugh in these classes, to be relaxed and enjoy the journey leaving each class energized but feeling self-centered and calm.

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